Women and Guns

The episode in which 4 of us Shrinks sit down for some real talk about women and guns. The Shrinks involved include Cindy Ariel and Julie Mayer, with Holly Sawyer of Life First Therapy LLC, and Allison Gibbs of Therapy Concierge LLC. Holly is the only one in the room with a gun…but, Allison has a weapon too! What about the other Shrinks? What about you?

An Army of Youth

The session in which we speak with Mayana Ashley-Carner about her climate justice activism, most especially as a member of the Sunrise Movement. Mayana is a 16 year old student at Central High School in Philadelphia. She’s one of the growing army of young people demanding change for a positive environmental future. 


Hurt People Hurt People

The session in which we speak with Robert E. Carter, Jr, MSW, aka Brother Robb, about racism, sexism, and male trauma. Currently, Brother Robb is the co-director of the Men’s Center for Growth and Change. He retired as the Associate Director of the University of Pennsylvania’s African-American Resource Center after 13 years but continues to teach part-time at the School of Social Policy and Practice and the Graduate School of Education. Brother Robb’s research and personal mission centers around healing from racial trauma, and combating white supremacy.


Brother Robb is also a storyteller and works with Keepers of the Culture, Philadelphia’s Afrocentric Storytelling Group.



Actionism: Sister Nurah Muhammad

The session in which we sit down with our neighbor from across the river in Camden, NJ to discuss her empowerment work with young women and girls. Sister Nurah Muhammad hosts the “Nurah Speaks” podcast, a weekly podcast that is meant to tug on the soul and consciousness of the Black Community. She is a committed community servant and a self-described Actionist – taking action to BE the Movement. Sister Nurah is an uplifting, engaging professional woman working hard to honor her Mother’s memory by making sure her own light shines bright, clear and strong.

An Accidental Activist: Shannon Bearman

The session in which we sit down with Shannon Bearman to discuss her growth as an ‘Accidental Activist’. Shannon went from a reluctant Twitter newbie with 25 followers to a strong community activist with a follower base of well over 45,000. This former social worker and mother of two is now running for a seat on the currently all-male Board of Commissioners in Haverford Township, PA. In this conversation, we talk to Shannon about the continuing evolution of her passion for activism. 

You can check out some of Shannon’s influential writing on medium.com/@bearmanshannon or follow her on Twitter @BearmanShannon.