Meet some of the professional women with whom we share drinks and perspectives in our monthly Shrinks After Hours podcast episodes.

Allison Gibbs, LCSW

Allison Gibbs, LCSW is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker who has provided a myriad of services to children, families, and couples for more than a decade in the field of social services and mental health.   She started Therapy Concierge, LLC to make therapy and social work services accessible by being mobile when necessary. Click on the link to Therapy Concierge to learn more about Allison and the work she does. in general, Allison believes that “with clarity and understanding, everyone is one thought and one commitment away from transforming their lives.” She also believes that incorporating honesty, candidness, and humor supports a positive therapeutic relationship and aids in reaching therapeutic goals. 

We love Allison’s own honesty, candidness, and humor and have enjoyed hanging out with her After Hours. One of her great social justice concerns (among many) includes her deep concern over the harm being done to communities of color by police brutality and other forms of violence. She spoke with us about it here: Wrong Place Wrong Time

Dr. Holly Sawyer

Holly Sawyer, PhD, LPC, CAADC has been providing mental health/substance abuse disorder treatment in a variety of settings and populations for over 5 years. She has also been working in both K-12 and higher education for 16 years. At LifeFirst Therapy, LLC, Dr. Holly Sawyer specializes in co-occurring disorders rooted in trauma, women’s issues, depression, anxiety or stress. She is a determined, loving, and perceptive therapist. She believes in meeting people where they are, with each person being the expert on their own life. Dr. Holly is also a mother of two with a teen on the autism spectrum and helps other special needs parents navigate resources. 

We love Holly’s insight and spoken truth and have enjoyed collaborating with her After Hours. One of the populations she specializes in is professional people of color who have to deal with the racism communicated through the often daily racial slights of micro-aggressions. When we first met, we spoke with her about micro-aggressions here: How to Have a Voice