New Leash on Life

The session in which we talk to Norberto ‘Rob’ Rosa, Associate Vice President of Operations at New Leash on Life USA. New Leash is a nonprofit prison-dog training program improving the lives of people in prison and saving the lives of dogs. In this program, incarcerated people are paired with rejected dogs for training, and end up improving each other’s lives in countless ways.  New Leash believes that everyone deserves a second chance. 

Body Image

We love the end of the month – time for the Shrinks to get together After Hours. In this personal session, the Shrinks After Hours discuss Body Image! We are more than our bodies. Join us (Cindy and Julie) and our colleagues Dr. Holly Sawyer of Life First Therapy, LLC and Allison Gibbs, LCSW of Therapy Concierge, LLC as we explore our bodies, and ourselves. And, since we’re all Shrinks, our conversations inevitably turn to how we help others (and ourselves) with body image concerns. Listen in.

Urban Mental Health

After losing a parent to suicide at a young age and later struggling with alcohol addiction, anxiety, and depression, Kimme Carlos is committed to bringing awareness, hope, recovery, and wellness to inner-city communities. In this session, we talk to Kimme about the New Jersey grass-roots nonprofit she founded to empower individuals and families in urban communities through advocacy, education, and support: The Urban Mental Health Alliance.

Career Wardrobe

The session in which we learn all about Career Wardrobe from Program Director, Al Sharrock. You have 7 seconds to make a good first impression. Don’t underestimate the power of what you’re wearing to affect the way you feel about yourself, how you act, and how others feel and act toward you. 

Career Wardrobe needs you to donate your gently used clothing AND to shop at their resale stores.

It Begins with the Land

The one in which we talk to Sus Sunhee Volz again because we just loved so much of what she has to say. Sus was in our studio about a month ago chatting with us about climate change and mental health. When we were doing some research for that session, we came upon an article Sus wrote in entitled, It Begins with the Land. You might ask, “What begins with the land?” Well – capitalism for one thing. As Sus states in the article “…land grabs have always been its opening shot.” Sus articulated issues around climate justice and other oppressions so compellingly in this article that we just had to have her in to talk to us some more. 

Sus is part of LILAC Philly (Local Initiative Local Action)- democratically developing socialist campaigns concerning housing, public education, racial justice, and criminal justice.

Requiem and Remembrance Day

The session in which we learn about the first annual Requiem and Remembrance Day on March 8, 2020 (every 2nd Sunday in March). Founder Helene Byrne discusses her vision for an annual National Sing-In Against Gun Violence. This day will: 1) create a day of unity and healing through music, 2) provide Americans the opportunity to express sadness about gun violence, 3) offer solace, support, and solidarity to bereaved, and pay tribute to those we’ve lost, and 4) unite various groups to amplify support and the demand for change. Music has power.

NYE 2020 Clarity

Shrinks After Hours – drinking champagne as we get clearer and clearer vision for 2020. Join Dr. Holly Sawyer of Life First Therapy, LLC, Allison Gibbs, LCSW of Therapy Concierge along with the Shrinks on Third, Julie Mayer and Cindy Ariel as we ring in the New Year together and offer our heartfelt words to each other and to you.

Black Men Heal

The session in which we talk to Zakia Williams about a relatively new organization working with Black men and positive mental health. Zakia is the Client Liaison for Black Men Heal, a nonprofit organization providing access to mental health treatment, psychoeducation, and community resources to Men of Color. The team at BMH, which also includes Founder Tasnim Sulaiman and co-Founder Kevana Nixon have worked out a strong model to offer support and mental health treatment specifically for Black men.

Songs in the Key of Free

The session in which we discuss a creative program called Songs in the Key of Free, which challenges mass incarceration and shows solidarity with incarcerated people by partnering with artists inside prison. Founded by community arts activist, August Tarrier, Songs in the Key of Free amplifies the voices of prisoners through songwriting and music. The program addresses the wounds inflicted by the carceral state.

You can also learn more about another of August’s initiatives that we mention in the podcast, called The Super Heroes project, at


Climate Change & Mental Health

The session in which Sus Sunhee Volz helps us sort out issues surrounding Climate Change and mental health. Natural disasters caused by climate crises deeply affect the mental health of survivors and eyewitnesses. They, and many others, also endure the fears, anxiety, hopelessness, and powerlessness that sometimes comes with learning about the real effects of climate change on our planet and our lives. Anecdotally, some climate activists report feeling less isolated and a greater sense of empowerment and hope.