Contribute To Our Work – And The Work of Others:

Our podcast and community building is a work of love for us. We’d appreciate monetary support for several reasons, the biggest being that with your support we can give more support. For example:

We can pay our generous, creative helpers what they deserve. Of course we pay in love, admiration, sometimes food, drink and a little cash. But real money would be nice.

We can donate to the people or programs that we highlight to further promote and support them. We’d love to support them all with more than our microphones.

Speaking of our microphones… We’re set for now, but it costs quite a bit to maintain and upgrade equipment to improve our sound or replace it when it stops working.

We can attend events (not just the free ones) where people in our community are being honored, or events that people we meet are organizing.

Attending workshops, conferences and seminars can make our podcasts even better. We’re proud of what we’ve been able to learn on our own and with a little help from our family and friends. Still, we would love to attend educational events, such as Podcast Movement, where we can learn more about industry standards and best practices.

Become a Patron!

We use all funds this way: 50% for people and programs we support, 25% toward the production of Shrinks After Hours, and the remaining 25% for general podcast needs.

Thank you so much for your support!!