Cindy and Julie

Julie and Cindy attempting to pose for our fabulous photographer, Zoë Naseef

We are Julie and Cindy, both clinical psychologists in practice in the Philadelphia area as well as podcasters who are devoted to social justice and making the world a better place.

As seasoned psychologists, we have worked with people struggling with a wide range of life challenges: trauma recovery, job loss, homelessness, addiction, divorce, extreme disability, sexual abuse, murder, loss, grief and more. Here, through our lens of compassionate care, we explore the diverse world of social justice.

When we sit down with an interviewee, we learn about their social justice interests or current projects and then we dive deeper into the why – and the why is always personal and often surprising.

Listen in to hear about a wide variety of social justice concerns and actions and to be inspired by the courage and dedication of those who want to fix our broken world. Join in to seek meaningful ways to support and participate in the crucial work being done.


Early on in our podcasting journey, we interviewed each other about issues important to us as a way to hone our skills and learn more about one another. Cindy spoke about equity and equality, concerns that have been woven throughout all of our subsequent podcasts. Julie spoke about shame and how it can prevent people from living their lives as fully as possible. Allowing ourselves and others, especially marginalized minorities, to speak out and be seen and heard has also been an important theme throughout our subsequent interviews.

We’ve grown a great deal since our first episodes in both social understanding and technical ability. Have a listen to our original podcasts:

The World Benefits from Kindness and Generosity

Willing to Talk About Anything

Not long after our very beginning episodes, we interviewed two of our own millennial offspring who met for the first time that day. We asked them to talk about what it was like for each of them to have grown up in households with two psychologist parents. Yes, both of us are married to psychologists. Here’s what Zoë and Aaron had to say:

Sixty Seconds of Free Psychotherapy