Bridge Over Troubled Water

The one in which we talk about the significance of the Edmund Pettus Bridge in Alabama; the bridge that John Lewis and many many others marched across and nearly died upon.  


The one in which we talk about the National Rifle Association (NRA) and its powerful influence in the US. 

Evaluating Leadership

In this Shrinks After Hours, we take a look at our expectations of leadership and some of the many bizarre behaviors that are sometimes tolerated. 

Minimum Wage

The one in which we talk about the real reasons behind the Minimum Wage and who stands to benefit the most from the way it is structured. 

Getting Vaxxed

The one in which we discuss the COVID Vaccine rollout and some highlighted racial inequities that we’ve seen. 

Trouble with Taxes

With the impending tax deadline, taxes were on our minds. So, we decided to look into the systems of taxation and begin to explore racism within. We knew we’d find racism there; and we did. 

A Female VP

In this Shrinks After Hours episode, we chat about how we feel about having a woman in high office. Whether this would happen in our lifetime was questionable at many points, yet… here we are with a woman Vice President of the U.S. 

Marital Property

The one in which we explore the sexist, racist, patriarchal beginnings of the institution of marriage and how it has changed over the years; or has it? 

Monuments to Power

The one in which we explore two of the most popular, and controversial, monuments in the U.S: Mount Rushmore in South Dakota and Stone Mountain in Stone Mountain Park, Georgia. 

The Black Panthers

The one in which we talk about the Black Panther Party (originally the Black Panther Party for Self Defense). We wade through all of the stereotypes to try to truly understand this critical Black Power movement.