The one in which we talk about insurrections – what they are and how they come and go. We attempt to understand the events of January 6, 2021 at the US Capitol building and what brought us to this place in history. 


The one in which we talk After Hours about how our whiteness and our privilege makes us blind to much that goes on around us – what we are learning about it, and what we are doing about it. 

Turns out that despite the old cliche, what we don’t know (or can’t see) really can hurt us (and others). 

Love and Meaning after 50

The one in which we discuss the recently released book that Julie and her husband, Barry Jacobs, PsyD wrote for the AARP entitled Love and Meaning after 50: The Ten Challenges to Great Relationships and How to Overcome Them. 

This was a fun and informative discussion including the authors’ relationship advice based on years of clinical work, personal experience and research. Check for the book wherever you usually buy great books! You can also find out more on their book site and buy the book there.

Radical Death Studies

The one in which we speak with Tamara T. Waraschinski, PhD, about Radical Death Studies. Dr. Waraschinski is Director of Communications for the Collective for Radical Death Studies and helped us round out our understanding of the racism and imperialism inherent in death practice and the need for sweeping changes.

Racism in DeathCare

The one in which we explore DeathCare and find racism in all aspects. With so many people succumbing to the novel coronavirus, death has been on our minds. We decided to see if even death includes racism, and indeed – it profoundly does. As if  you can tell what color someone was once they die and move on. As if it even matters if you could. 

Angry White Men

This month we talk After Hours about our feelings, ideas and perceptions regarding angry white men. What makes them feel entitled to control others, where do they come from, and why do they hate?

Electoral College

The one in which we talk about the Electoral College – why it was created and why it is used to elect the US President instead of the popular vote. The Electoral College was originally a compromise made by the founders between those who believed the POTUS should be elected by popular democratic vote and those who believed strongly that Congress should choose. Who do you think should choose?