Matriarchal Societies

The one in which we explore what a matriarchal society might look like. We also take a look at how the patriarchy showed up and dismantled some of the First People’s successful matriarchal/matrilineal organizational systems. 

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Antebellum Era

The one in which we talk about why it’s a better idea to find a different party theme than Antebellum or a different celebration venue than a plantation. There’s a horrid past behind that beautiful landscape. 

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July 4th

The one in which we talk about the hypocrisy of celebrating July 4th as Independence Day when so many of us are not free. Whose freedom and independence do we celebrate?

Birth of a Racist

It’s the last Tuesday of the month and we are talking, After Hours, about how we think racists are born. Hint: It has nothing to do with nature. 


The one in which we talk about the version of history that we learn about Native Americans versus the one we never heard of. This includes the fact that many of the names we know the First People by are not the names they call themselves, and are often even derogatory. The things we must unlearn and learn are deep.

Southern Black Belt

The one in which we talk about the significance of the Southern Black Belt and where it stands today. The Black Belt is a very large stretch of land in the South that once brought great wealth to plantation owners there, and also brought many enslaved people to work the land to grow that wealth. Now many formerly enslaved people live there in poverty. 


The one in which we talk about the critical importance and significance of Juneteenth – June 19th and why it is worth celebrating!