An Accidental Activist: Shannon Bearman

The session in which we sit down with Shannon Bearman to discuss her growth as an ‘Accidental Activist’. Shannon went from a reluctant Twitter newbie with 25 followers to a strong community activist with a follower base of well over 45,000. This former social worker and mother of two is now running for a seat on the currently all-male Board of Commissioners in Haverford Township, PA. In this conversation, we talk to Shannon about the continuing evolution of her passion for activism. 

You can check out some of Shannon’s influential writing on or follow her on Twitter @BearmanShannon.

Teaching MultiCultural Competence

We’re joined in this engaging episode by Dr. Jade Logan, Assistant Professor at Chestnut Hill College. Dr. Logan lets us in on what it’s like for her, as a professional Black clinician and supervisor, to teach cultural competence to psychologists of varied races and backgrounds. 

As part of training, psychologists spend a certain number of hours in Clinical Supervision. Clinical Supervisors guide therapists through personal blind spots or biases, and encourage self-awareness. This often includes difficult dialogue. The area of multi-cultural competence can be one of the most difficult but necessary topics to discuss.  

Come on in.

Shrinks After Hours Intro Session

We’re thrilled to introduce our new monthly feature and the two new co-hosts that are an integral part of it: Holly Sawyer, PhD, and Allison Gibbs, LCSW. We interviewed them at different points during Season 1 and for this feature we invited them to join us in dynamic, intersectional, not-so-clinical conversation. 

We’re excited to have them join us and hope you find meaning and entertainment in our conversation. Join us anytime by reaching out and telling us what you think. Also, if you ask us questions, we will answer them on an upcoming podcast.

One Year Anniversary Self Care

It’s our one-year podcasting anniversary! This is a transitional moment as we make exciting changes to our podcast sound, content, and format. We recorded this final session of Season 1 during a break from our typical focus for the purpose of our own self-care, and yours.

Here, we share 3 tips under 3 minutes on various topics. We offer a window into some of our process behind the scenes and hope our tips are helpful as you take your own self-care moments.  

We include our top 3 tips for:

Acing a Job Interview; Body Image; Breaking Up; Curating Clothing; Dressing for Success, Exercise, Getting Ready to Clean out a Closet; Giving Constructive Criticism; Grief; Healthy Eating; and Shame. 

March to End Rape Culture

The session in which we discuss Rape Culture and the March to End Rape Culture (MTERC) with our guest, Arika Gold. Arika is a dedicated activist and community organizer. The MTERC is an annual event to raise awareness for Philadelphians about the widespread issues related to rape culture and what is being done to end it. 

Rape Culture is … (listen to Amanda Spitfire’s poem in our bonus episode!).

Also, rape culture is … teaching girls and women to take measures to prevent rape instead of telling boys and men not to rape, light sentencing for rapists, rape jokes and people defending them, not believing people who say they were raped, street harassment, certain lyrics in pop music, support for athletes and celebrities charged with rape, blaming victims for destroying a career, blaming victims…

Surely you can add to this list!

The March to End Rape Culture is a safe space for survivors and inclusive of all genders, sexual orientations, abilities, ages, and races. 

This year’s March to End Rape Culture is scheduled for Saturday, September 28, 2019, from 11:00 am – 2:30 pm.                                  Rain or Shine at Thomas Paine Plaza (across from Love Park).


Moment by Moment Choices

The session in which we discuss a meaningful approach to living called Radical Decency with its originator, Jeff Garson. Both Jeff and his wife Dale Garson, both Licensed Clinical Social Workers, are devoted to understanding and implementing Radical Decency.

Radical Decency = Decency to self, others, and the world – at all times, in every context and without exception.  

A Deeply Personal Decision

This is the session in which Taylor Austin of the Women’s Centers attended our Feminist Brunch to facilitate conversation about Reproductive Health. Her primary message was about the need for abortion access and for confidential and compassionate abortion care. 

There will always be pregnant women seeking abortions, even at great personal risk. Enacting restrictive policies and laws increases the likelihood that women will suffer great consequences. And, typically minority and poor communities are disproportionately affected. Abortion is a critical aspect of healthcare and must be accessible and safe for all who need it.

Breaking the Cycle of Poverty

The session in which we talk to Jamila Harris-Morrison and Harold Barrow. Jamila is the Executive Director of ACHIEVEability, a nonprofit organization working to permanently break the generational cycle of poverty for low income, single parent, homeless families. Harold started as a client of the organization, motivated by the need to care alone for his newborn baby girl, and now works as ACHIEVEability’s Senior Self-Sufficiency Coach having earned his Master’s degree in Social Services.

Less Funerals, More Graduations

As a North Philly girl who eventually made it through grad school but saw many of her friends and community members die on the streets, Tierra Jones is determined to make a difference in the lives of underserved youth. In this session we sit down with Tierra to talk about what motivates her to get up everyday – A.T.T.R.A.C.T. Philly – the non-profit organization she founded to empower youth while promoting the importance of education.

A.T.T.R.A.C.T = A Team Taking Responsive Actions with Conscious Thoughts

Causes They Care About

The session in which we talk to Jamilah Thompkins-Bigelow about the power of words and her work with Mighty Writers. Her mission there is to empower young people to use words to describe their experience and the causes they care about.

Jamilah is a passionate educator, anti-racism activist, wife, and mother of two. She is a 2016 MuslimARC Muslim Anti-Racism–AMEL Fellow. Her first children’s book, Mommy’s Khimar, is in its third printing.